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EDHEC and Boston University New Partnership

EDHEC Business School has signed a new partnership with Boston University School of Management for the MSc in Global Business.

Boston University

Boston University

EDHEC’s partnership with Boston University will offer MSc in Global Business students the opportunity to opt for the ‘IT Strategies for a Networked Economy’ module as their concentration from the next academic year.

This intensive and innovative module is not a typical IT course. It rather focuses on the types of information and system problems faced in a business context and then how technology can be used as a tool to address those problems i.e. scaling and maintaining large platforms like Google, developing collaborative techniques.

"Boston University’s School of Management is pleased to partner with a leading school in Europe and to welcome a group of talented students from around the world to study with the School in 2015." Michael E. Lawson, professor of Economics, associate dean at Boston University, School of Management.

"The MSc in Global Business provides students a strong foundation of management skills with three concentrations to further specialise in a specific field of expertise. With two concentrations in Finance (on EDHEC London campus) and Business Development (on EDHEC Singapore campus), students can now opt for this third concentration at the prestigious Boston University School of Management" says Richard Perrin, executive director for International Relations and Admissions at EDHEC.

According to professor Anne Witte, programme director “The MSc in Global Business curriculum gives a strong perspective on management in practice across the globe and aims to prepare EDHEC students for the challenges of a steadily evolving and multicultural environment”.

Learn more about admissions in the MSc in Global Business.

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March 6, 2014

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